"New Music" Seashells - Kayla Steen

Today I present to you guys, new music. This in fact is a track that I produced with ever rising vocalist "Kayla Steen" The name seems to sound familiar? Yes I'm sure it does, you probably first caught a glimpse of prowes and melodic Harmonies in my album A.D.D. (Artistically Day Dreaming) in tracks such as "Hovercraft Warfare", and stand out Electro-Indie Fan Favorite "Reverie" ft Adult Fur.

I met Kayla Steen back in New Orleans years ago through mutual friends, and one day while I was in Atlanta, we linked up, wrote and recorded Seashells on the spot in my sisters Living room. Keep in mind this was back in 2012. From there we worked on a few other tracks, including the ones you guys already heard. Yup, it took long enough for this track to drop, and through further consideration, we figure we would also release it for free. 

If time and good skies permit, expect much much more work from the two of us, Possibly an EP, Meanwhile she's hard at work in Atlanta working on her debut, get familiar.