2/26 DEMO (Guerilla Marketing Promo)

In the account of this show Mvstermind state. "If they ever Say I sold out, Just known what I mean" and with Mvstermind coming of his mention in Complex Magazine, The was exactly that, to sell out. With limited resources at hand and time, Mvstermind creatively used what he have to get it done. Mvstermind teamed up with visual artist Gregory Davis and created a poster campaign instead of in your face detailed advertisement. The goal was to intrigued the public instead of bombarding people with information, creating a slight shift to the Saint Louis Culture, people were actively searching to get more information,  attention was caught and the city was was intrigued. The info less posters were strategically hung up around key parts of Saint Louis, and the results showed. The Demo was sold out on 2/26


WOrdless Advertisement

Mvstermind and Greg Davis focused on getting faces and colors of the show out there, if you noticed the portrait pictures do not have the show information. This intrigued people. 



Together they strategically mapped out Saint Louis, and all of the local hotspots, where the traffics and culture migrates.  They had faces in different places, ensuring that someone in your friend circle was talking about seeings such. 

Mvstermind is a St. Louis based hip-hop artist and producer who has had a consistent rise in the hip-hop scene. Last spring, he and a group of talented musicians from St. Louis had a packed show at The Demo. This short episode explores the guerrilla marketing tactics used to sell out the show.

The Marketing plan for 2/26 was a huge success. Mvstermind and Co sold out the Demo.