June 4th MME fused it's creative efforts with the Luminary to present "Lab MME". LAB offers local musicians a venue to explore their ambitions and the different dimensions of their artistic practices. The Luminary's Operations and Events Coordinator Liz Deichmann explained, "We are interested in pushing the conversation of music past traditional concert experiences." MME worked with local Creatives such as "Mike Bishop" Saylor Surkamp, and Civil Ape to create MME's own world. An actual Pop up Shop was created with the intent of serving as an MME Flagship store. Lab:MME Debut the new MME X Civil Ape gear and instead of a typical fashion show, they had models standing on platforms displaying the clothing. The Custom projector mapping had the event looking even bigger than what it was by handing foam core panels from the ceiling giving the stage at the luminary a new visual boost. Lab MME featured performances from the entire MME collective. Boasting an attendance of 200+.  


Custom Project Mapping

MME worked with Saint Louis' own "Mike Bishop" known for his event's "Lifted" and work with the "Abel few" to hang foam core panels from the ceiling, simulating big light screens on stage. 



In The luminary, MME Sectioned off a portion solely dedicated to the release of their new Merch line with Civil Ape. Clothing racks, shelves, Mirror's were all set up to simulate a real MME Flagship store. 



LAB: MME Boasted a turn out topping 200+ at the Luminary facilities. 



The wall in The Luminary were filled with Pictures from the "I think you can call this a tour" Tour taken by Corey Miller, Also a Photo Booth was on site. 

2015-05-28 09.05.39.jpg


MME took promotion into their own hands, The laser etched out a stencil and sprayed up the town about LAB:MME along with Fan made promotional Videos.