My goal is to create a catalyst for St. Louis artist. Many (including myself) reek of Potential but can’t seem to cross that threshold of turning our dreams to reality. Recently asked people what they needed to take their music dreams to the next level, I got responses ranging from “lack of resources”, “industry connections, “and knowledge”. I can confidently state, with thought and pure intention I crafted a Mvsterplan to ensure that when you leave “Mvstercamp” that you will have the confidence in producing and presenting your craft to life changing levels. This workshop takes places on Saturday for 4 weeks starting on April 27th. At the KDHX facility, we have full access to the stage, studio and radio station. As an enrolled student in Mvstercamp we’ve strategically equipped you with the tools to build your brand, booking presence, strategy as an independent grinding artist. This Workshop Series is $250. Personally, I could almost care less about the funds if it didn’t go towards the facility and flying in speakers, but as a business we must invest in what we wish to seek grow. Out of the 15 who apply and pay for their Mvstercamp seat, Red Bull will gift the admission back for “5” Students. Take a look down below at our planned agenda for Mvstercamp. My Goal is to activate and empower artists. I wanna see you win. I wanna see this city win. Let’s Reciprocate.

- Muhammad “Mvstermind” Austin



Friday May 17th-May 18th, 2019

Session One: Friday May 17th from 7-10pm at Suburban Proo Studios

Session Two: Saturday May 18th from 9am-12pm and 1pm - 4pm


Execution X Schedule

Session 1: Record, Mix, Mvster (Friday May 17th)

  1. Record, Mix, Mvster:  In this workshop Mvstermind will break down his single “More” from curative inception to completion, as well as provide a look into its branding impact.

  2. Creating a Home Studio (30 min):  Attendees will learn how create an atmosphere that replicates the sound and vibes of a professional studio.  They will also learn what plugins to procure and how to use them.

  3. Guest Speaker:  Yoh Phillips: “The State of Music in 2019” Since dedicating his life to getting the good word down, DJBooth senior writer Yoh Phillips has become one of the most respected writers in modern music journalism. He continues to insert thought-provoking essays, poetic blurbs, and in-depth articles in hopes of following Kendrick’s footsteps to a Pulitzer Prize Award one day. Drawing from his scaled perspective and experience, Yoh will detail the current state of the music industry and how to breakout as an artist.

Session 2 It Doesn’t Take Band$ to Brand (Saturday May 18th)

  1. Define Your Brand: What is the purpose or message behind your music?  What’s your story? Who is your fanbase? What artists do you look up to?  What characteristics do you want fans to associate with your music? What is your brand voice?  These are a few of the questions we’ll attempt to collectively answer in this workshop.

  2. Cover Art Panel/Q&A with CJ Paisley (New Age Music Group), Chris Jay (Art Direction), Mvstermind (Art Direction), Phonzz (FortheWhen): First impressions are everything, and your cover art is no exception.  Poorly designed or conceptualized cover art can be viewed as a representation of your brand, and can prevent first time listeners from engaging with your music.  In this panel, industry experts will break down the process for securing the highest quality artwork that also represents your brand identity.   

  3. Guest Speaker:  Julian Keaton “Julian’s Jewels”:  Julian is a local entertainment and Marketing professional with experience working across multiple facets of the entertainment industry: music, digital media, event planning, advertising, artist relations and talent management are just a few of his polished skills.  In this workshop he’ll provide crucial learned jewels on how to succeed in the music industry.

  4. Guest Speaker:  Jimmy & Trisch of Mascot Agency “Merchandise”:  Since 2005, local company mascot agency has provided a diverse array of clients with design, marketing, advertising and development work.  They also make some dope merch. In this workshop Jimmy and Trisch will deep dive into merchandise from inception to completion, and how to infuse the core elements of your brand.

  5. Press Kit Creation:  In this workshop we’ll discuss the ins and outs of how to create a press kit, followed by an interactive press kit creation activity.

  6. Guest Speaker: Alex Ward: “PR Now?”:  Alex Ward is a local public relations specialist who has helped businesses, influencers and musicians alike grow through traditional media exposure and social media marketing. He’s also the owner of local food delivery service Food Pedaler.  While he won’t be delivering his gems on a bike, he will dive into why PR is important and whether it’s right for you at this stage of your career.

Performance Bootcamp (1PM - 4PM):  In this interactive workshop artists will learn the keys to a successful performance.  After a live performance, each artist will receive critiques from a panel of artists/performers.



Yoh Phillips:


April 27th


Introduction: Getting familiar with each other + plus icebreakers

“I’mma Need a Little More”: Mvstermind will break down the creation of “More” from the songs branding impact to it’s curative inception

Creating a Home Studio that can replicate “Big Studio Vibes” - Attendees will learn what plug in’s to use and how to use them)

Facilitated Interview with “Guest Travel Speaker” TBA


May 4th


Define your brand activity (Step By Step Guide)

Guest Speaker: Julian Keaton Presents “Julian Jewels”

Guerilla Marketing - Lack of currency enhance creativity

Is PR a good fit for me right now? Presented by Publicist Alex Ward - Earned Media


May 11th



PRO’s - “Are you getting your Streaming Money?”

How to be Self Employed - Tools to Generate Income as an Artist/Producer

Get Booked: How to Create a Press Kit

Sync & Music Licensing - “Woke up and Envisioned a Placement Check”

Sponsorships & Partnerships - Leveraging Your Value

May 18th


Receive feedback & Video Footage of one Track of Attendees choice.

Tell Your Story (Live Interview With MVCO Radio)

Video Chat with Full Time Touring Artist Alfred Banks

Mvstermind & Co Q&A