The market of hip hop can be oversaturated with every genre, category and all types of rappers. Everyone in the industry must have the “it factor;” an image, a gimmick so to speak, a distinguishing appeal that puts their music and voice to the forefront of "Hot 97" and beyond. For award winning Indie Music Revolutionary Mvstermind, the result is achieved with a very distinctive formula. All of his equations, theories and algorithms on creating EPIC music are innately derived, not from studies of big whig hype machines, but literally from his core; his musical genius, soul and faith. A born “Show Me State” resident hailing from both U. City, the North & South side’s of St. Louis, his talented musical approach is more displayed in his fan appeal and local accolades than bragged about in his songs, even though he was recently listed by Complex Magazine as one of “2016 Artists to Watch.”. He’s commanded the crowds, sharing stages with Chance The Rapper, Travis Scott, Oddisee, Ab-Soul, G-Eazy, attended festival such as A3C, SXSW, Brooklyn's Beastie Boy Tribute show, MCA Day and much more. A modern day renaissance man, Mvstermind dons the titles of producer, rapper and sound engineer with much humility. His musical sound is hard to categorize, fusing elements of soul, electronica, hip hop, trap and much more to create his very unique sound. Mvstermind’s lyrical content is far from the run of the mill 8 bars glamorizing superficiality and materialisms. As the Leader of the Hip-Hop Collective MME, together they've transcended boundaries of DIY, from pop up shows, creative guerrilla marketing, to independent album packaging and distribution. Together the collective of MME has over 20+ thousand miles in independent touring racked up and doesn't plan on stopping there. Mvstermind literally sees sounds, scenarios and visions on what and how to create music and write powerful prose-like poetry positioned on the track. Whether it’s the creation of the Ferguson (Michael Brown) protest anthem “OPFERGUSON WAVE2,” or recalling his family’s will to rise above strain in “Mo-Ham the Stegasaurus Rex,” or the theme of scientific calculations and attracting generational wealth for the community, like found in his latest single “Mali Moolah”, Mvstermind has the divine gift to touch a listener’s soul in the most sonically capturing but unobtrusive ways. With this year slated for continued success just after the final leg of his tour with collective MME ending in April, there is literally no stopping destiny for Mvstermind. So long as there’s a will, way and a dream, the future is all his.



"Mali Moolah" ON BET

Mastermind's new Single Mali Moolah broke out and garnered national attention immediately with the likes of BET Jams. For the past Month, it's been in heavy rotation with major recording artist. 


Mali Moolah has a combined of 35k+ Views (Vevo &Facebook)

Mali Moolah on "FUse" 

New artist Mvstermind, who hails from St. Louis, stands out in a sea of fiery bangers with his groovy "Mali Moolah" track. Turn this one up in your car during a long road trip, in a smoking session with your girl or at a kickback with friends.          -- Bianca Gracie (FM's DOPE $H!T)
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COmplex Mag

Complex Magazine Mentioned Mvstermind on one of STL's Top artist to look out for, including his collective "MME" Stating that they are “anxiously waiting for what’s to come of the St. Louis collective.”



Twiter Pressence

Yes, Mvstermind has only 2k followers, But the difference is, he has active followers. Who engage in RT's and Likes. They spread the message. With every ounce of good news his presence continues to rally support towards the mission on the platform.  


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-- Chosen to represent Red Bull Bass Camp in Detroit

-- Sold Out the Demo 2/26

-- Riverfront Times Hip-Hop Artist of year  & Best Hip-Hop Group (MME)

-- Delux Magazine -- 2016 Top Rising Independent Artist

  Missouri Life Magazine (May Edition)  Where Mvstermind Talks about being self Sufficient off of Musical Endeavors. 

Missouri Life Magazine (May Edition) Where Mvstermind Talks about being self Sufficient off of Musical Endeavors.