I $ell BEATS



I have a few separate licenses drawn out, but until I get things moving in the my flash store, it will not be up. This site's "Non Exclusive rights" will be titled in my book "Kinda Exclusive rights". You will not OWN the music, but you will be able to sell this music and make a profit.  Production splits must be made and Production credited, our legal representatives will ensure that this get documented properly and paperwork will be sent, with no loopholes. I want to see my fellow artist win, I won't shop the beat around anymore after its purchase of the "Non Exclusive rights", but say if I end up in a room with Dre, be happy for a brother if that beat you purchased a Non exclusive/Kinda exclusive right to ends up on Detox 2.0.  I have no personal intentions of having a bunch of clone beats laying around and I will look out for you. Consider it like you're dating my daughter, treat her right, spoil her, and make sure you be prepared to put a ring on it. (Exclusive Rights) (OWN, GET MVSTERS ETC). Cop the Exclusive rights and you get to marry my daughter. Treat her right or I'm coming for you with a shotgun, which is on the contract as well. Enjoy & Shop Up!

Mvstermind Production