Study Breaks & Beats is a program founded by Mvstermind, to teach the youth how to apply the fundamentals of creating music as applicable tactics in life's problem solving. As “Study Breaks & Beats” reaches other campuses and centers in the near future, Mvstermind has plans of employing other local producing/recording artists. This in essence serves as a means of providing a career path and sustainable income while keeping the fellow musician employed. A major perk of the future positions to be offered for artists, is that they can gain experience teaching and mentoring, and actually utilize and apply their skills, instead of starting off post college or mid career in a job that doesn't relate to their field of interest. Study Breaks & Beats puts the musician and producer right where they belong!


Mvstermind Creates Curriculum for inner City students from ages 8-17 to learn how to Produce music. Teaches students the fundamentals of how to record, Engineer, compose positive music that can reflect their living situations yet at the same time bringing positivity into the situation.  STUDENTS WORK WITH PROGRAMS SUCH AS, FL STUDIO, REASON, PROTOOLS. in 2015 Mvstermind was contracted for the “Ferguson Commission” to compose a song with student that was presented the Department of Justice Ferguson report. The making of the story was featured on the national television (Nine network.)  Nine Network did a feature story on this program with the Baden Community Center Study Breaks and Beats Session. Muhammad Mvstermind Austin also Held a study breaks and beats Concert at Saint Louis University in conjunction with Red Bull featuring local Saint Louis Musicians.   The Goal is to take the study breaks and beats program up to the next level, and increase funding to keep fellow hard working artist EMPLOYED and the STudents in classrooms Learning. 


ArtS SPeaks At Ferguson Comission

Nine network feature on Art Speaks Youth Summit

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Art Speaks