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The three core elements of Study Breaks & Beats Program are Creativity, Expression, and Fundamentals. Students will learn how to creatively express themselves using the musical tools and knowledge acquired from the classes and life it's self. 



"Using what you have to get what you want" This is an interchangeable theme in the creative world, and in the current world that we live in today. Students will learn how to create music with the given tools that they have access too. In return student will also possess a trait that will not only help them in music, but life itself. Student will learn how to get from Point A to Point B with X amount of resources. Students will be taught to use their creativity as an advantage to maneuver through life obstacles, and to proceed as the victor instead of letting it hinder their creativity. 



Throughout the token of time music has been used as the universal language, getting the human race through times of suffering, as well as celebrating days of blissful joy.

In the current times that we live in, youth often have a lot to express. Feelings, emotions, questions, thoughts, and ideals. In Study Breaks and Beats we build a curriculum that helps the students funnel the socitals pressure into their diamond mind, presenting something positive. Students will study Artist Activists such as Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce, Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa & More. 


Musical Fundamentals:  

In order to creatively express yourself properly you need to know your medium's fundamentals. Students will learn the core, Music theory fundamentals giving them the proper "containers" to organize and create what is in their minds. Students will be learn about, tempos & time signatures, key changes, chord progressions etc.