Marketing Support


My Mentor/Partner Erin Patton

I'd like to formally introduce you to my industry Mentor, Erin Patton.

He was hand-picked by Michael Jordan as the original Architect of Nike's Jordan Brand, authoring the Business Plan and spearheading the successful launch in 1997.  Over the past, two decades since, he has gained notoriety as a product innovator and master marketer, with proven methods that he has parlayed into a successful path in the Footwear industry creating, launching and building disruptive new brands and start-ups. He was also instrumental in launching NBA star Stephon Marbury's $15 Starbury sneaker, Converse/D.Wade partnership and basketball repositioning, in addition to designing private label brands for iconic athletes like Venus Williams' "EleVen" athleisure brand and mass merchant retailers, including Macy's and Steve & Barry's.

His vast industry network, contacts, and proprietary relationships can serve as a huge asset to this project.  On that note, we were kicking ideas around to support the launch and he referred to the recent Gary V & K-Swiss launch as a potential opportunity for us to replicate with him by promoting one of our shoe releases in connection with him. Specifically, we discussed potentially marketing the Black Colorway simply in partnership with Erin and creating a campaign theme around Black History Month, also leveraging the release of his new book, and sequel to his first, "Under The Influence: Tracing The Hip-Hop Generation's Impact On Brands, Sports & Pop Culture."

He is willing to back the shoe and campaign as an ambassador, including college campus speaking engagements, digital press & online presence. Erin believes in the brand and wishes to act upon this partnership for the sake of being a phenomenal mentor. 



No cut of the profit from the shoes, no percentages, no name on the shoe, So for instance,  when we present and market this black colorway It would be presented as something along the lines of...


Designed Exclusively by...Mvstermind & Co 

Inspired by...Erin Patton

Black Excellence & Black History recognized by...DRS X Mvstermind & Co

Allowing to fully utilize and channel this backing without compromising the campaign itself.


Combining with Erin Patton

Once I realized how big of a situation it was to have Erin Patton on my team, I called up professor McDonalded from the business Department of Washington University. Three Days later we have him as a confirmed Speaker and we’re in the notions of setting up a collaboration Event via Erin Patton & Mvstermind & Co, we would love to have Caleres apart of this. This would allow the students from WashU to really see the Infrastructure working from the ground up.