Mvstermind Icy - Alec Wallis

Rising above Saint Louis is often hard to achieve; there’s either the lack of resources to help you succeed or the “crabs in the barrel” mentality stacked against you. For Saint Louis rapper and producer Mvstermind, he rises past the cusp of his city by embodying the “do for self” notion by learning to be musically self sufficient, and by sharing the little “wealth” (his creative resources) that he has with other musicians within the Saint Louis creative scene. Surrounded by music his whole life Mvstermind first explored his love of music at the age of 11 when his father brought home a demo version of FL Studios. From there, Mvstermind began producing for local artists, but shying away from the spotlight despite his natural talent. It wasn't until 2009 that Mvstermind mustered up the confidence to step into the spotlight when he became the head of the Saint Louis music collective MME. From there Mvstermind and MME took off, touring over 20,000 miles independently, performing at festivals such as A3C, SXSW, and Brooklyn’s MCA Day, as well as opening up for artists such as Travis Scott, Chance the Rapper, G-Eazy, and Curren$y until the collectives end in 2016.  

With the release of “Mali Moolah”, a song about manifesting wealth and self worth, Mvstermind received national attention after his music video debuted on BET Jams, MTV, and Fuse Fm’s Dope Sh!t. In 2016 Mvstermind debuted his first Ep titled “Cusp” and reinforced Mvstermind’s self sufficient attitude with the Ep being self produced, mixed, recorded, and mastered all by Mvstermind himself. From there on out Mvstermind’s notoriety in the industry and the city of Saint Louis began to rise as he was named an artist to watch by Complex and HipHopDX in 2016, performed on the main stage of Saint Louis festival Loufest, and also won ‘Artist of the Year’ in January 2017 at the Saint Louis Underground Music Awards which highlighted how Mvstermind is truly co-signed by the people of his hometown. Mvstermind is ready to dive head first and push past the CUSP with his highly anticipated upcoming releases. Consider “Cusp EP” the prelude to Mvstermind’s fully curated artistry. Mvstermind’s new music will deliver his refined sound which he likes to call “retro futurism Hip Hop”. Expect Mvstermind’s new music (exhibited on his latest release Minute Plan) to take elements from the past, bring them to the present, and confidently transition them into the future by fusing elements of soul, electronica, trap and much more to create his very unique sound.