Terra-Tone is a music licensing company created by Muhammad "Mvstermind" Austin with aims of keep it completely separate from his Artistry.Terra Tone crafts original music, complimenting visuals with music and sound. The Goal is to reflection the visual with the proper accompanying musical soundtrack, each color, each object has a melody, a unique tone of it's, that can be brought to life.  Terra-Tone has been in contact with Bunin & Murray one of the biggest production companies home to "Keeping up with the Kardashians" "Bad Girls Club" etc. 


Terra-Tone works directly with RGG EDU one of the most notoriously known Professional Photography Tutorial Company. Composes Custom music/scores tutorial Videos for the Company. Produce over 30 tailored compositions a month that align with the given visuals, allowing the viewer to be able to be drawn and yet not get distracted by the music. Works in coordination with the videography team, to compliment the visuals as if they are one unit of storytelling. RGG is known for their exceptional Photography Tutorials, and as well known for having the perfect compliment of sound to go along.

Terra Tone's Sound Design for ARTIFOX 


American Female: Book Trailer Work