Meditate Meditate Elevate Studios

With Mvstermind receiving a notice that the 2,000 dollars that he garnered up selling his music would not be enough in order for him to Enroll in his Junior Year at Loyola University, he didn't fret...or panic, he took that money and bought his first studio set up. Fast forward five years later and that set up has been transformed as music and money was made. It was no surprise when The self taught musician taught himself how to mix and master, just as he taught himself how to produce. Fast forward years later and "Meditate Meditate Elevate Studios" has it's hands in major projects through the city and even nationally. Mvstermind's work is known for his creativity with composing compositions. As he feels that "having the beat and lyrics completed are at times less than 50% of the song", he works diligently to present and craft ideas as a tangible art experience, taking the terms Producer to it's proper level, even if he didn't produce the actual music you can hear Mvstermind creative signature. Meditate Mediate Elevate Studio, has already left "Mvstermind's" creative signature in the music industry and has goals of taking to the top.  


Musical Releases

Mvstermind, has executive produced over 11+ Full length and distributed projects.  Peep Samples of his Accoladed work. 

2015-04-08 12.46.03-1.jpg


ASKAHSIC Records was a compilation created/Curated by the MME Team. Sold on the "IYCTAT" Tour Features exclusive songs from the individual members of the team, as well a group songs. Found on All Distribution sites. All songs were recorded by Mvstermind at Meditate Meditate Elevate Studios. 




A.D.D. (Artistically Day Dreaming)

A.D.D. was Mvstermind's first debut project. This Album exemplfied "Mvstermind" being self produced, Self recorded, self engineered, Self Mastered, and Self Released/Distributed. This Album gave Mvstermind National Recognition, with singles like "80-D" and Sucka Punch. 

-- A.D.D. Riverfront Times 2014 Best Release. 


CON - "Malcolm EX"  

MME member Con dropped "Malcolm Ex" which was executive produced by Mvstermind. Recording, Mixing, & mastering the entire project, Mvstermind stay hands on in the shaping of the direction of the sound. Orchestrions Vocal Harmonies and pivotal teqniues. This album can be heard on Apple Music, Spotify & More Major Distribution markets.