Mvstermind @Delmar Hall

Saint Louis Hip-hop Artist Mvstermind, takes over the Delmar Loop with the first Hip-Hop Show at the new St. Louis concert venue Delmar Hall. On October 21st the Complex mentioned artist/producer Mvstermind headlines the brand new venue, upon the release of his highly anticipated  "Cusp" Ep. With continued video rotation on BET Jams, and Fuse FM, Mvstermind’s latest single Mali Moolah showed the the beauty and greatness hidden within the Showme state on national platforms.

For hip hop artist Mvstermind, headlining Delmar Hall (a venue owned by the Pageant) is his generation’s rites of passage into the mainstream St. Louis hip hop scene where artist such as Nelly, and Tef Poe have graced the stage. This show is the cusp of Msvtermind’s underground accolades, and has allowed him and his generational peers to receive the keys to the cultivate the St. Louis music scene and culture. Mvstermind’s last headlining show was sold out at the Demo on February 21st, almost a year later Mvstermind along with opening acts J’Demul, Dante Wolf, and Arshad Goods have their goal set on doing the same thing


On October 21st Mvstermind took the keys to STL Hip HOP by having the first hip hop show at Delmar Hall

The “cusp” — like just about every theme that arises in Austin’s work — is multifaceted, containing layers of meaning which intertwine and play off one another to create a dense conceptual web. He says that in terms of his musical career, “this is the actual cusp. We’re right here on the brink of something major.” And it’s hard to disagree with him, given his steadily increasing notoriety both here in St. Louis and around the nation. -Nick Horn: Riverfront Times

Cusp EP Release Show

At Delmar Hall, Mvstermind performed his new EP Cusp which dropped on October 25th in its entirety.  



Although most of the 350+ fans at the show did not know the words of Mvstermind's songs from his new EP, Mvstermind found unique ways to engage his fans into his music such as synchronizing handclaps, snapchatting fans, and taking selfies with the crowd (as seen above).