Recent Shows:

After the major success in releasing his latest single Mali Moolah this summer, Mvstermind has since then headlined a sold out show with major artist Dizzy Wright, hosted the launch party of Algorithms (A global resource hub for beatmakers & producers), gave a performance and beat set at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation's and FarFetched's First Friday's live music concert, and performed at a college festival for St. Louis college students. Mvstermind has a unique stage presence which quickly engages his audience and makes them instantly vibe along to his set.


Live Footage:

Mvstermind performing xX Sad Boy Chronicles Xx live for STL Up Late December 2015. 

Mvstermind opening up for Dizzy Wright while performing an unreleased track SWAY with Naji Person in Springfield, Mo on August 26th, 2016.