Ad Targeting

-- Hip Promotions Video Campaign for Next Video: 

With the success of the Mali Moolah music video campaign during summer 2016, it's clear that video is a major tool that Mvstermind can use to his advantage to gain more fans. With either a video dropping as part of the "CUSP EP Deluxe Edition" or as the debut single from Mvstermind's summer project, a major video campaign would be needed to ensure Msvtermind receives the proper placement, and is able to reach a bigger fan base.

Possible videos from Cusp EP Deluxe Edition:

  • Sway featuring Naji Person
  • Ain't No Water in the Water Tower
  • xX Sad Boy xX - Cartoon video

After securing video placements (MTV, BET, FM, etc.), our team will create Ad placements on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram that focus on those who like the brand, watched the video, and those who like similar Artists. In addition, we would carefully look at the secured video placement list and target the markets on the day the video has been played to engage viewers.

Local Markets example: Almen Joi Show (Targeting)

Santa Monica, CA 500,000 potential viewers. Airs in Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Bernardino, Riverside, Glendale, and The San Gabriel Valley Of Southern California Counties including Pasadena and Altadena.  <<- Would place Ad Targeting once Mvstermind's video airs to retain potential fans that we could gain from a single video viewing. 

Price: $700 per month (three month timeframe)= $2100 total

-- Targeting Mvstermind's Major Fan base cities

Through analyzing data via Soundcloud & Apple Music, we've discovered that Mvstermind has the most appeal & plays in the following cities outside of STL:

  • Chicago, IL
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • New York City, NY
  • Winnipeg, Canada
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Houston, TX
  • Denver, CO

Our goal through the ad campaign would be to target the hip hop scene within the cities above to garner additional fans for Mvstermind, and to keep the current fans interested in his music. Ad targeting would push the "Cusp EP Deluxe edition" once it releases, and also prep fans for Mvstermind's summer project through single & video targeted ads within the markets listed above. In addition, Mvstermind's team will be working to create a tour during the spring where Mvstermind can connect with his fans in the cities listed above, and also gain new ones.

-- Operation Saint Louis

In our hometown, the goal is to target the Demographics in Saint Louis who purchase merchandise, attend shows, and feel invested in the mainstream Hip-hop culture. Our target will consists of HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE STUDENTS, (millennials essentially). Although most people know of Mvstermind in St. Louis, there's still ground to cover in order to make him a STL household name. Our goal in STL will consists of the following in order to expand our fanbase:

  • Guerilla marketing: Spray paint snapchat codes with prizes for fans who connect and snapchat Mvstermind a picture of the tag across different places in the city.
  • Securing major STL Shows: Loufest in September is currently in the works, and we plan to make sure Mvstermind's the #1 choice to have as a hip hop openers for a major artist touring when you think of a talented STL rapper.
  • Attending strategic hip hop industry events in the STL scene
  • Being on the forefront of "Teambackpack's STL Off Map documentary"
  • Engaging college students by creating an independent group of "Mvstermind College Representative team":
    • Their goal would be to increase knowledge of Mvstermind on campus through organizing promo events, handing out flyers, organizing shows (possibly pop up), etc.
    • Aide in securing new fans for Mvstermind.
    • Become an official member of the team through becoming college representative. Each rep will recieve a small budget to help them promote Mvstermind's brand on their campus.
      • Targeted campuses will be the following for now:
        • WashU
        • St. Louis University
        • Mizzou
  • Creating pop up shows/first listen music sessions to make STL fans feel special and connected to Mvstermind's musical journey

-- Building Connections with Tastemakers & Bloggers

Enlisting Vicious Buzz, a PR company based out of Los Angeles, California to create a winning PR campaign that would focus on placing Mvstermind in the hands of tastemakers, bloggers, radio stations (college, FM, & Satellite), and playlist curators for Spotify & Apple Music. The campaign would be beneficial to help push the CUSP EP, which unfortunately didn't recieve the proper buzz like it should have once released. This PR campaign would lay the groundwork to introduce Mvstermind & his music to the proper tastemakers, prior to Mvstermind's summer 2017 release. The campaign could either start in the spring or be held off until Mvstermind releases his debut single from his summer 2017 project.

$500 a month PR Budget with Vicious Buzz