Mvstermind's "More" Music Video



New York, New York (June 25, 2018) - St. Louis-based hip-hop powerhouse Mvstermind is this weeks Tidal Rising: Hip-Hop (video) cover artist after debuting his new music video for “More” exclusively through Tidal.

“More” features grooving deep bass and an ambient blanket of synths for Mvstermind’s verb heavy vocals to glide over.  A perfect tried-and-true method for breaking hip-hop artists today. The spacey nature of the track compliments the film style of the new visual quite well.  Creative, flowy transitions between frames expose the viewer to an almost surreal experience.

The video itself has a sleepy, moody vibe and features a very neutral color palette.  Crisp visuals depicting hazy party scenes occur frequently throughout the video. However, viewers will not be able to help but notice a drained, seemingly worn out Mvstermind, coasting through a series of familiar scenes, presumably in search of something to be put quite simply: more.

Mvstermind was recently featured in a spotlight feature on TIDAL’S Rising: Hip-Hop, for his single “Minute Plan.”  The single, “More,” released in May, 2018, instantly hooked the attention of publications like, The Source who wrote, “More” is a moody, but well-written track that featured a lot of trap elements in the production.”

Mvstermind MORE VIDEO



Director: Jocelyn Cooper @jocecooper

Cinematographer: Sophie Bruza @sophiebruza

Co-Producer: Rachel Obering @rachelobering

Set Designer: Jamie VeZolles @jamievezolles

Editor: Michael Hibbs @combercorduroys

Colorist: Gabrielle Ovalle @gabriel34543

Stylist: Gel Migliazza @gelmigz @and Shukuru Couture @shukurucouture

Steadicam: Zac Chia @zaczchia

Manager: Fatimah Hunter @crimson_crush 

Personal Assistant: Darius Grey @dgray314

Baby Adam 



Muhammad Austin - Mvstermind @mvstermind

Savis Davis - Lead @savisdavis

Darius Gray - Extra @dgray314

Whitney Woods - Extra @luluwoods

Lilly West - Dancer @llilywest 

Angelique Maurnae - Extra  @angelmaurnae

Angelica Migliazza - Dancer @gelmigz

Danielle King - Dancer @d_kingggg

JORDAN MALIXI - Dancer @j_swifft

Nalu Bauman -  Dancer @_naluto

Rie Fukushima - Dancer @reeayee