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Slingshot: Artists To Watch In 2019

Slingshot: Artists To Watch In 2019


“When Mvstermind released his debut album Cusp in 2016, he was named an artist to watch by Complex and Hype Magazine. Now, as that record's title suggests, the St. Louis native is on the verge of breaking into the mainstream consciousness.

Mvstermind makes what he calls "retro futurism hip-hop," a distinctive blend of socially conscious rap, vintage jazz samples and spacey, skittering beats. While he often employs a smooth, buttery flow, he also draws on his experiences as a black Muslim in the American heartland to deliver incisive lyrics on the state of the culture.

The artist uses his videos to represent his city with the same subtlety and complexity. Rocking long dreadlocks and mala beads, he takes viewers on a tour of the highs and lows — the abandoned buildings, shopping centers and art installations — of his world. The vision is beautiful, even amid desolation and decay, and vital for the country to witness”. —KE Luther, KDHX