"Mali Moolah" ON BET

Mastermind's new Single Mali Moolah broke out and garnered national attention immediately with the likes of BET Jams. For the past Month, it's been in heavy rotation with major recording artist. 

Mali Moolah has a combined of 55k+ Views (Vevo, Elevator Mag Youtube, & Facebook)

Mali Moolah on "FUse" 

"New artist Mvstermind, who hails from St. Louis, stands out in a sea of fiery bangers with his groovy "Mali Moolah" track. Turn this one up in your car during a long road trip, in a smoking session with your girl or at a kickback with friends." -- Bianca Gracie (FM's DOPE $H!T)

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COmplex Mag

Complex Magazine Mentioned Mvstermind on one of STL's Top artist to look out for, including his collective "MME" Stating that they are “anxiously waiting for what’s to come of the St. Louis collective.”



Twiter Pressence

Yes, Mvstermind has only 3k+ followers, but the difference is, he has active followers. Mvstermind's followers engage in RT's and Likes. They spread the message. With every ounce of good news his presence continues to rally support towards the mission of the platform which is the people themesleves. 


Mvstermind Cherokee Street


-- Selected to Perform on Main Stage for Loufest 2017

- First Hip-Hop Artist At Delmar Hall

-- Slumfest 2016 Best Hip Hop Artist 

-- Chosen to represent Red Bull Bass Camp in Detroit

-- Sold Out the Demo 2/26

-- Riverfront Times Hip-Hop Artist of year  & Best Hip-Hop Group (MME- Mvstermind's Old Collective)


"2016 was the Year of Muhammad Austin in St. Louis. The MC, writer, producer, and scene leader performs in the hip hop group, M.M.E., and solo as Mvstermind. When I first heard “Ain’t No Water in the Water Tower” off Austin’s newest and most stellar release, Cusp, I thought, “This is a real STL rapper.” It’s not my St. Louis story he’s telling, it’s his, and it’s the story of many kids who grew up on the North Side. Passion, talent, and potential are creating the perfect storm within Mvstermind". -- Jess Luther - I Went to a Show