"Ain't NO Water" Music Video Release





Dear Fans,

Non coincidentally, it’s been a full year since we dropped “Mali Moolah”. Yes, I'm talking bout the “ I knew my Worth Since Birth” Mali Moolah, that BET, MTV, FUSE TV, my affirmations are as simple as that Mali Moolah. Here we are, 360 sumn odd days filled with accolades, sold out shows, medium sized FONT on F*cking Festivals. Yes, it’s Lit. On the daily, the love & respect is sky rocketing out of this world. I couldn’t ask for a better support system than yall. Don’t ever underestimate that, think about it real quick. YOU, at one point in time choose to be a brick neatly tucked in an artist's foundation, who most likely didn't even really have nothing built. Yet, YOU were able to see the vision of that Artist. So instead of adding a brick to the towering skyline of the music industry, you took a risk. And I just wanna THANK YOU simply for daring to do such. I've been investing my time with perfecting the craft, and coordinating to execute the vision. I'm blessed with the fact y'all fell in love with the Prelude. With that being said, Me and Louis Quatorze present to you the ending of the Cusp Era "Ain't No Water in The Water Tower". 

Peace & Much Love, 



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